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Graphical designing tool to create flowcharts and process diagrams
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Christiano Fitarelli

Process Modeler is a free graphical designing application that provides you with a basic set of tools to create flowcharts and process diagrams, especially useful on fields like software development, business diagram modeling, and generally on any activity where process planning is a key part of its development.

Process Modeler offers an easy-to-use working area, with all the available graphic elements located on a mobile panel, ready to be added to your diagram. Those elements are: Decision, Process, Termination, Flow, Connector, Document, Organization Unit, Organization Band, and Text. Besides, the program gives you the chance to work in two different modes: Basic and Advanced. However, the only difference between them appears to be the addition of one new element to the panel - the Predefined Process. As this single element could be permanently added to the panel and made available at all times, this two-mode implementation does not really make sense.

When adding a new element to your diagram, a little window appears allowing you to set the element's properties, like its label, definition, background color, text and line (border) color, and its line style. Once your model is ready, you can print it or save it for later editing. Process Modeler is very good at allowing you to quickly create and save your diagrams. However, it is very important to emphasize that the set of graphic elements provided is very basic compared to that in other similar tools.

Ricardo Soria
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  • The set of graphic elements provided is very basic
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